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What You Should Know About New York’s Big Bend Skyscraper?

The Big Bend


Designs Unveiled The Newest Manhattan U-Shaped Skyscraper



I read an article online about the designs of a new skyscraper in New York City. The architect plans the building it to be shaped like a “U”. The media unveils the designs last week. I thought it was some kind a hoax or an internet prank trying to fool us.

St. Louis Gateway arch is similar so I said if they built that, it shouldn’t be impossible. It is nothing compared to 432 Park Avenue and the Freedom Tower. The World Trade Center is similar except the buildings will connect to one another.

The plans unveils that the building will be 4000 feet long. The elevators would be travelling in curves, horizontally, and in loops. Personally I don’t like elevators especially in tall buildings. I can’t imagine riding up the elevator shaft that turns into a loop. I took a look at the photos, I can say the design is very genuine and it would be a great asset to the city.

Design studio Oiio, the architect stated that the building can become a solution to the height limitations of Manhattan and their structures with the measurements will be provided as it will make them stand out without worrying about the sky limits. Oiio also stated that the zoning laws of the city have created a peculiar set of tricks through which developers try to maximize their property’s height in order to infuse it with the prestige of a high rise structure. They would be able to create one of the most prestigious building in Manhattan if they manage to bend the structure instead of bending the zoning rules of New York.

Right now there is no set date of when construction sets place. They will locate the property on 57th Billionaire’s Row. The building will become one of the most luxurious properties in the neighborhood. I believe the smallest unit would cost over 1 million, very affordable to for the upper class in the city. In conclusion, I believe it will become one of the most interesting architects of the city and I know it will make Central Park look even stunning.


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