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3 Facts You Should Know About Yuppies



What is a Yuppie? What you you know about them?


What I read from wiki, a Yuppie stands for ‘Young Urban Professional’ who works in the city. Yuppies are known to have white collar jobs in the legal and financial fields. In addition, they are known to wear high quality clothes that I can’t afford. Yuppies are known to have a fancy education and their hair are greased up and combed back. They are really sharp looking gentlemen in all colors and sizes.

While being in the city, they were everywhere. I seen most of them at Wall Street and the majority of downtown Manhattan, it’s like I’m part of the movieĀ “The Wolf of Wall Street”.


3 Facts You Should Know About Yuppies

1. Yuppies are just as human and equal as the rest of us.

First of all, some people think they are snobbish or stuck up, and they are probably right. Because how they appear in public, all of them are not like that. It’s their uniform for work during the week, but the weekends are a complete different story. As a result, I read that most of them are laid back and lazy on those days.

2. Their clothes are just as affordable as you think.

Yes they are dressed well and sharp looking. Furthermore, if you don’t have the designer brand money, you can go to Uniqlo and from there, you can put pieces of garments together for less.

3. Not all of them had fancy educations.

We have no clue about their background, but it seems like that they were raised in an affluent lifestyle. You can have a degree from a community school or from online to get their jobs, rather than going to Harvard. It’s really no difference of how educated they are, it’s the fact that they are educated enough to get the job they want.


In conclusion, you don’t need a wealthy background just to become a Yuppie. In addition, Yuppies is only a label created by mankind, but it is for what the society thinks it is.





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