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How To Enjoy Midtown Manhattan on a Budget



Manhattan Doesn’t Have To Be So Expensive To Enjoy Yourself


I keep hearing Manhattan is expensive and expensive! Yeah if you’re in the middle of Midtown Manhattan! So what makes it so expensive?

Yellow Cabs?

Gourmet Restaurants?


The Luxury Hotels?

If you think those are the reasons why the city is so expensive, think again! It’s you who makes it so expensive! There is nothing wrong with having access to those things, but it’s not really necessary to enjoy the city. Here is are some alternatives to enjoy the city in a more affordable way.

1. Uber Pool

It’s cheaper than regular Uber. It’s a low flat fee depends on your location but you’ll have to share the car with other people. The thing about their ride sharing service is you’ll meet other people during the ride, which it’s a good thing, but you’ll may end up sharing the ride with a bitch who thinks she has the control of the car!

2. AirBnb

You’ll be living like a New Yorker for real because you’ll be staying in their homes! I’ve used it for years and most of the time I’ve enjoyed it! I had some unfortunate experiences but it’s really safe and much cheaper than staying in a hotel which will cost you a couple of hundred bucks! With Airbnb, I met wonderful people, but you have to be open to try it out!

3. Food Trucks and Pizza!

There are so many places to eat in the city that no one can count! But my cheapest alternative to eating good in the city are the Halal Food Trucks and Pizza. One of my favorite pizza places is the 2Bros Pizza between 8th ave and 38th st. You can get two slices of cheese pizza and a drink for $5. Also for $5, I go to a food truck where they sell Halal food where I can get rice, chicken, and salad. Also they have other meats such as Lamb but I normally get the combination of both for a $1 more. Plus it comes with a drink!

4. Entertainment

For good authentic New York entertainment, instead of booking tickets for the opera, or a Broadway show, go the following subways stations:

Times Square

34th Street

Union Square

Those subway stations always have entertainment going on. I always enjoy a good show before getting on the train. But there be some entertainment going on the trains themselves! Yes the opera and pieces the Broadway happens in the subway too and it only costs $2.75!

That is how I lived in the city and enjoyed myself on a budget. It doesn’t hurt to cut down. To me its really a fulfilling way to live in the city.

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