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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Digital Portfolio

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Having a digital portfolio can increase your chances of being discovered


A portfolio is like a visual resume full of pictures, experience, and tells the story about yourself. It’s your foot in the door before they actual see your ‘foot’. It can make or break your career. It can easily attract someone’s eye. Whether you’re an actor, model, or musician trying to make it, you must have an eye-opening portfolio! In order to have a great portfolio, you’ll need lots of photos, but not that many. As a result, the top leaders and experts categorizes the photos as bad, good, great, or WOW. You must aim for the WOW because the agents will remember the pictures you present to them.

Your portfolio can be either printed, digital, or both! There are pros and cons for each, but neither one is 100% perfect. But I would prefer a digital portfolio rather than a paper version. Here are the top three reasons why having a digital portfolio is beneficial.

1. It beats having your physical portfolio damaged at the last-minute.

  • By dropping on the muddy streets on a rainy day.
  • The winds from the coming trains will blow the items away onto the tracks.
  • Rigged corners, stains, and water damaged.

2. We’re in the digital age

  • With the possibility of going viral via social media that will attract lots of potential clients and agents
  • The convenience of mobile devices that is easily presentable
  • Less weight off your shoulders
  • It’s 24/7 viewable! Never know who could be looking at you overnight!

3. You have more to bring to the table.

  • Videos of yourself in action
  • Unlimited photos, content, and details of yourself

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong way to have an impressive portfolio, what’s included is important. In addition, I believe a digital portfolio can help stand out away from the crowd with better chances of being discovered. If you ready to take that next step of being known to the world GET IN TOUCH WITH ME and we’ll go from there!





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