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My Experience With JavaScript

JavaScript was created by Brendan Fich in May 1995. It was the first programming language that was taught in my co-hort at General Assembly. The syntax is very easy to understand. Basically what I was working with was strings, integers, and booleans. Then there was creating variables using var='x'. One assignment I had to colorize a grid using JavaScript creating variables that would complete a certain design. I see JavaScript as a huge programming language that would take years to completely to master. I personally use JavaScript for jQuery purposes when I need to animate something for a site. JavaScript can be used for any big or small. There are the other libraries such as Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, Backbone.js, React.js, and etc. I am no where near perfect in JavaScript but I realized it’s not everyone’s favorite programming language. I use it mostly for front-end work but I would prefer Node.js for backend support. JavaScript can be fun to learn but hard to understand at times. You have it give it patience and take small steps which will eventually lead you into mastering it completely.

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