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How did I survive living in New York City for Code Camp?

I had a burning desire to move back to New York, but my move was going to be different than the last time I’ve attempted back in 2011. I seen an ad for General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive course from one of my favorite sites. Their next WDI course in New York was taking place and I wanted to at least see if I can get myself accepted first before making travel plans. Eventually I got accepted and now I had to seek a loan despite my credit that would cover the cost of tuition. Climb Credit covered my tuition but no living expenses yet. I had credit cards and savings from my job which was about to end. With my strong determination I have applied everywhere to get a small loan that would allow me to survive in the big apple during the course. There was no way I can have a job during WDI because of the work load and schedule. Then I was introduced to Bitcoin Jam where I could get a small loan from individuals that were willing to invest in me. I received $1500 in bitcoins but I needed a little more. Then I turned to government assistance in New York and begin receiving Food Stamps and cash assistance that helped me out a lot. For the three months I was there, everything had been a breeze. With my strong determination, I was able to make it all happen.

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