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How I Want to Start My Web Development Business?

I always wanted to have my own business and become self employed. I want to make a living building websites for others but I had no niche. I got an idea from a friend that he wanted a portfolio site for himself and I knew I could do it. His site never launched but the business idea was there and it’s something I know I can be doing for fun. When I go into business for myself, I want to have fun and meet interesting people at the same time. I want to create personal site for people in the entertainment industry such as models, actors, musicians, etc. All want to be heard and discovered, so why not I help them make it possible by building their sites. The dream and the idea of starting my business got me scared and confused. I had only one client and for that experience it wasn’t that bad. What got me scared and confused is that I had no idea what technologies I need to learn and how to get clients. That’s where I procrastinate and just let my life pass through. I have been working and earning paycheck to paycheck all my life and still in thousands of dollars in debt. I must find another source of income and my fear is keeping me in my current place. I watched a YouTube video about this guy who lost everything including his girlfriend just because he was poor. Later in life, he met up with his ex-girlfriend who is now married and appeared to be much wealthier than he was before. Then her husband came out and introduce himself and she realized that the guy is her husband’s boss and shared the story of how his girlfriend left him just because he was poor. Then the quotes came “THE GREATEST REVENGE IS SUCCESS!” Once I seen those quotes it made me forget about everything and just get my business started and get it done and over with!

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