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How Did I Become A Web Developer

I knew I loved computers, but I never gave it a complete thought until now. I am always on the internet, so why now start a career with those things that I love. So I found an article online about a guy name Matt Kenefick who taught himself how to code and became a successful developer making over $60K a year. I thought it would be cool if I learned how to code and be making that kind of money, so it peaked my interest of wanting to become a developer. In that same article was a link to an online course for beginners called Codecademy where I first began to learn how to code. While learning to code for the first time, I found myself having fun and realized how dedicated I am to solving challenges. I knew it would me the career for me so I decided to further my learning experience after I completed Codecademy. I was on one of my favorite sites and then I found an ad for a dev bootcamp program at General Assembly. I went to their school website and fell in love with the curriculum. At the time I was in a position where I hated my job and was heading for a dead end. The fact that the school was located in my favorite destination New York City so I said to myself “wouldn’t be cool if I left my dead end job to pursue a career in one of my favorite destinations?”. I wanted that opportunity so bad, I wanted to be in New York City , so I did everything in my power to enroll in their Web Development Immersive program. At one step at a time I got enrolled, earn the money for the tuition, packed my bags and headed for New York City to attend one of the most challenging dev bootcamps in the world.

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