Michael J. Stokes | How I Want to Become a Digital Nomad?

I always had a burning desire to travel the road and to explore places where I never been before. I always had this dream of having an online business that will generate enough income to fully support myself while being away at different places. I didn’t know how I would be able to accomplish that. I have been involved in get rich quick schemes but they all failed. I know there is something I can do to make it possible to live my dream on the road. I want to travel Greyhound, Amtrak where I can explore the states one by one. I want to see the world I never seen before. I want to work out of different coffee shops from different locations. I’ll experience freedom and experience true joy once I become a digital nomad. I had no idea how I was going to use my developer skills as a means to achieve my goals. For all I know is I want my work place to be at my laptop and earn a streaming income from there. What if I became a freelance developer instead of working for a company? I had no coding background prior to my course at General Assembly so I felt like I needed to concentrate my current skill set and exactly what I wanted to do. If I’m going to become a digital nomad, what would be the first step in my process, how am I going to get started?’. Once I asked myself that, I felt so scared and confused.One of my biggest issues is procrastination. I always don’t have the energy to take the necessary actions of making my dreams come true. I know a technique that will boost my energy, but it gets boring from day after day, then it leads to more procrastination. I knew I had to take on some action or otherwise my dreams will never manifest. I seen something online in relation to New York City, which I love being there. So it got me all fired up! New York City seems to be one of my strongest motivators of overcoming my procrastination. Once I become a digital nomad, New York City will be my first destination.


  • Bobby says:

    That’s the dream Mike. I’m right there with ya. I don’t think it’s natural for humans to be stuck in a an office for 8 hours a day making someone else’s dreams come true. I think you can only really live by doing what you love to do. If you would do it for free then it’s a pretty good choice as a career. Keep at it.

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