About Michael J. Stokes

I am a front-end developer who is devoted to creating professional sites for your brand. Based out of North Carolina, I began my career as a developer self taught, and graduated from one of the most intensive institutions of New York City.


My Services

Front End Web Development

I use the latest front end technologies that will bring your site up to code and date.

WordPress Theme Development

I develop and customize your WordPress site and bring your current theme into place.

Web Maintenance and Customization

I'll keep your site up to date and provide customization that caters your specific needs.

Why Hire Michael?

Having your own site means better chances of you being quickly discovered and recognized in this digital era. This is how modeling agencies, record producers, and talent scouts make their discoveries. Social media is a great tool to promote you. There are millions of users and it’s easy to make yourself known to the world. Social media has their limitations. The same goes for web builders, yes they are the cheaper option, but when it comes to design, the options are limited. With your own website created by me, the options are limitless. You get exactly what you want. It’s not just a cost, it’s an investment of you! You need to be 100% in control of your online presence! I’m here to help you continue to build brand awareness.

Clean Look

100% Responsive

Quick Turn Around Time

Full Support

I am currently available taking on a full-time role with a great company. I am also a great problem solver, and I take it simple when finding the solution for every coding issue. I am keen to learn new technologies and quickly able to adapt myself into my new working environment. My goal is to grow professionally as a developer that would further my career up to a lead role so if you are an employer and you think I'm a great fit, click my resume button below and hire me!

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Technical Abilities

Programming Languages and Frameworks

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby

  • PHP

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Node.js

  • WordPress

Layout and Design

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Bootstrap

Databases and Cloud-Tech

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Heroku

  • Github

My Work

  • all
  • Front End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • WordPress

Contact Me

If you are serious and ready to promote yourself or your company, please contact me at

(336) 693-5580

or send an inquiry via form.

Looking forward to be hearing from you soon!